We live in our communities and we're connected to them. We champion people who are cornerstones in their neighbourhoods and those who put New Zealand on the world stage for their altruism.
NZME takes its commitment to connecting with all our communities seriously; this extends across the diverse, dynamic and unique.
Here are some examples of what we're doing:

Youth Employer Pledge

The Youth Employer Pledge is a key initiative in Auckland’s Youth Employment Plan, which exists to get more young talent into work and career pathways.
NZME have made the pledge to show their commitment to employing our young talent – it’s good for business and good for the community.
This means we have also committed to a number of youth related employer events such as #JobFest

Rainbow Tick

A Rainbow Tick is a certification mark, awarded to organisations that complete a Diversity & Inclusion certification process. This tests whether a workplace understands, values, and welcomes sexual and gender diversity.
Tests are carried out on the practices and policies that manage the HR (Human Resource) of an organisation.
NZME is currently undergoing the process to achieve the Rainbow Tick